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E-Mountain, EMTB, Electric Mountainbiking Definition
**UPDATED So what is eMTB? Wikipedia doesn't seem to know, or at least google don't have any results for it yet! Here is our short definition of electric mountainbiking...

Published Wednesday 3 February 2016, Updated Wednesday 3 February 2016

Electric Mountain Biking And Why I Would Never Go Back To A Conventional MTB
**UPDATED So what is it that has made eMTB such an important part of my life? Why would I choose Electric Mountain over a normal Mountain Bike? Why are eBikes for EVERYONE? Read on...

Published Sunday 31 January 2016, Updated Monday 1 February 2016

Haibike the best eBike Manufacturer in the world?
**UPDATED Haibike have been making history with their electric range since 2010. As the first player on the market they combined physical sportivity of a mountainbike with the powerful dynamic of a motocross-machine. With this design they established a unique type of biking machine and in doing so created a whole new sport: ePerformance biking...

Published Thursday 28 January 2016, Updated Sunday 31 January 2016

Electric Bikes Sussex
**UPDATED We have been selling Electric Bikes in Sussex since 1996! We service and repair all makes of electric bike at our eBike showroom and service centre in Shoreham, near Brighton.

Published Wednesday 30 September 2015, Updated Sunday 31 January 2016

Bosch Nyon eBike Connect Portal UK English
**UPDATED So you have your awesome Bosch powered electric bike fitted with a Nyon onboard computer. Where do you start? Well you will already know if you purchased from our store that there is a lot to the Bosch Nyon system, and a great place to start is the Bosch eBike Connect Portal. Here is a link and some preliminary help with your Nyon!

Published Sunday 31 January 2016, Updated Sunday 31 January 2016

Bosch Performance Product Brochure 2016 PDF
**UPDATED Here is a link to the 2016 Bosch Performance Product Brochure showing some product highlights. Awesomeness is just a few clicks away! Information about battery ranges, motor power, head unit hardware upgrades and more! 2016 is an exciting time in the ebike world! Bosch are giving so much more than the competition, read why in this short 13 page brochure.

Published Sunday 31 January 2016, Updated Sunday 31 January 2016

Haibike Xduro & Sduro General FAQ's
**UPDATED This guide to the Xduro (Bosch powered eBikes) and Sduro (Yamaha electric bike systems) by Haibike Germany will answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive on these amazing electric bikes... read on...

Published Thursday 27 November 2014, Updated Sunday 31 January 2016

Article: Electric Mountain Bike Blog Sussex
**UPDATED Hi, this is Richard from Cyclelife Shoreham, welcome to our e-MTB blog. I've thrown this together with caffeine and gaffer tape to help you get the most out of your electric mountain bike! The plan is, well there is no plan, but I will basically share some of what I've learned from riding eMTB since 2013 and ask some people I respect and look up to about their eMTB experience and ask them for some pointers to help us all get more enjoyment from our respective ebikes.

Published Sunday 31 January 2016, Updated Sunday 31 January 2016

Bosch eBike Training 2016
**UPDATED We have just completed 2016 Bosch eBike training to keep our accreditation up to date for the newest Bosch Performance CX motor system and Nyon features.

Published Sunday 15 November 2015, Updated Sunday 31 January 2016

Bosch Nyon Awesomeness
**UPDATED A few interesting things about The Bosch Nyon system.

Published Sunday 3 January 2016, Updated Sunday 3 January 2016


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